SimplyWell Launches New Interactive Website for Participants

Omaha, Nebraska – (SEPTEMBER 19, 2011) SimplyWell LLC is raising the bar for employer wellness programs with  new website enhancements designed to motivate its participants to embrace wellness and improve their health through wellness solutions targeted to their specific health needs.  Working in partnership with Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. (BHMI), a leading specialist in creating primary software applications, SimplyWell rolled out its new state-of-the-art website to its participants on September 19, 2011. 

While still relying on the SimplyWell acclaimed platform based on a medical model, the new website design is much more intuitive as well as interactive. 

“Our objective is to get the highest level of engagement and commitment from our participants,” said SimplyWell CEO Mike Demman.  “With our newly designed website, we have enhanced our capabilities to exchange health information and provide proactive education based on an individual’s health risks and health screening results.  Information on how a participant can improve his or her health is now just one mouse click away.”

“SimplyWell had a vision to make their online health system more intuitive,” said BHMI Project Manager Megan Whittle.  “They wanted it to provide participants with health topics and tools specifically related to their individual health conditions.  BHMI helped SimplyWell make this vision a reality.”

“BHMI shared SimplyWell’s vision for a medically-based system that empowers participants with individualized information, stressing the importance of preventive care and individual accountability,” Whittle said.  “And, both companies knew this enhanced system would require sophisticated intelligence in order to make each user experience unique to the participant.  The resulting enhancements were truly a team effort – a meeting of SimplyWell’s medical mind with BHMI’s technical mind.” 

According to Demman and Whittle, the most significant changes to the online health system were made within the “My Home For Health” section.  The main “My Home For Health” page now serves as a participant dashboard with a quick snapshot of each participant’s individualized health statistics, action plan and related links.  Information most relevant to each participant’s health is literally at his or her fingertips, making the system more user-friendly and easier to navigate.  The new website’s innovations include:

  • Enhanced navigation with quick mouse-over functionality, drop down menus, and a new look with fresh graphics.
  • A “My Home For Health” page that is individualized to the logged-on participant with personalized program information and direct links to targeted needs-based education.
  • Up-to-date information on the participant’s risk assessment, health score and progress on the home page as well as a customized “What’s Next” section to direct wellness efforts.
  • A message center providing a secure inbox for announcements, reminders, news and confidential health information. 
  • Specialized features for program administration.

 “It’s one thing to provide people with access to information, but it’s another thing entirely to get people to act on it.  This is what we believe the new SimplyWell website will accomplish,” said Demman. 

 For a preview of SimplyWell’s new website, please visit  



SimplyWell was founded by physicians in 1998 and is privately owned by Clarkson Regional Health Services and Private Practice Associates LLC.  SimplyWell’s Integrated Health Solutions product portfolio offers comprehensive solutions with proven results. SimplyWell provides solutions that identify risk and disease early and empower participants with the tools to modify personal health risks, stressing the importance of preventive care and individual accountability. SimplyWell is private, secure and HIPAA compliant. For more information on SimplyWell, please visit

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