BHMI Employees Advocate A Bicycle Friendly Community


Robert Frank, Bill Cain, Bob Brindamour, Scott Boje and Matt Stefan (from left to right)

Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. recently took third place in its division for the 6th Annual Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge presented by Trek Bicycle Stores of Omaha. 

Omaha cyclists tracked their trips/miles ridden between work and home from May 1 through October 1, 2011.  Five BHMI employees rode a combined total of 2,438 miles to and from BHMI’s corporate headquarters.  The following chart shows the overall rank and total mileage of each BHMI participant. 

RANK             NAME                         TRIPS              MILES             POINTS

84                    Bob Brindamour          35                    1151                1501

86                    Robert Frank                50                    982                1482

385                  Bill Cain                         12                    165                  285

420                  Matt Stefan                  12                    115                  235

617                   Scott Boje                       1                      25                    35

Winter BOCC 2011

BHMI employees are also participating in the first Winter Bicycle Omaha Commuter Challenge that started November 1, 2011.

According to Bob Brindamour, cyclist and BHMI software engineer, bicycling is becoming a more significant part of Omaha’s culture.  Omaha is now one of 11 cities, including St. Paul, Santa Fe, and Reno, that have been awarded bronze designations from the League of American Bicyclists in recognition of the city’s efforts in supporting bikers, including Omaha’s expanding network of dedicated bike lanes and trails that link downtown Omaha to distant parts of the city. 

Bob Brindamour stops for a snapshot during a commute to BHMI.

Omaha Bikes, founded by Bob Brindamour, played a big part in improving Omaha’s biking environment by working with Omaha officials to create a more “bicycle friendly” community.  Bob and other members of the Omaha Bikes team serve on the Mayor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to encourage civic policies that benefit cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users.

BHMI is bicycle friendly as well.  In addition to funding participation for employees and their families in community cycling events, BHMI also provides secure indoor bike parking for BHMI cyclists.  BHMI’s flex time policy also permits BHMI cyclists to adjust their commute times to and from work in order to avoid “bicycle unfriendly” weather conditions.  Additionally, private employee offices make it easy for BHMI cyclists to change between bike attire and work attire.  All in all, BHMI wants to keep its cyclists pedaling. 

Where the rubber meets the road.

To learn more about Omaha’s biking activities, please visit

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