Open Positions at BHMI

BHMI is the creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite, which consists of a family of highly configurable, robust, rules-based applications that manage the back-office operations of electronic payment processors, including banks, merchants, and financial networks.  Concourse delivers mission critical solutions for the electronic payments industry in the areas of settlement, disputes, reconciliation, and fees assessment.

The demand for the products within the Concourse Financial Software Suite is growing.  As a result, BHMI is currently interviewing for the following full-time positions within the Concourse Product Division:


BHMI is inviting individuals who have interest in any of the above positions to apply today.


About BHMI Blog

Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. (BHMI) is a specialist in creating primary software applications. BHMI not only provides premier software development services, but also a comprehensive set of consulting, design, engineering, and support services that can help shape the future direction of any company's application infrastructure. BHMI is also creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite - a powerful PCI compliant back office software solution specifically designed to manage electronic payments including credit, debit, POS, ATM, mobile, and prepaid. With user-configurable business rules, an online transaction repository, and a continuous processing architecture, Concourse proactively assesses and allocates fees for all business relationships, settles and reconciles all transaction types, and automates the disputes management process.
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